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Rs. 21500

Gas water heater Thermostat to control water temperature Solid body Rust free galvanized inner tank Guage size: 12*14 Recommended for normal water pressure Recommended for two water utilization points (e.g. two washrooms/ one washroom and one kitchen/ any other combination) Capacity: 25 gallons

Corona 6 Liters Instant Gas Wa ...

Rs. 7200

99.9% Pure Copper Heat Exchanger Auto Cut Off Protection Device Anti-Freezing And Dry Protection Device Water Controlled Automatic Ignition Zero Operating Water Pressure Digital Temperature Gauge Meter Output 6 Liter Per Minute

Corona 4 Gas Heating Plates H ...

Rs. 17000

• Four heating plates• Flame failure safety device• Imported ceramic plates (burn upto 85% input gas)• Can be operated on both natural gas and LPG• 27.2/19/10 Inches (W/H/D) Dimensions inches

Corona 1 Gas Heating Plate 707

Rs. 6200

Gas heater Manual ignition Single heating plate Local plate (burn upto 60% input gas) Can be operated on both natural gas and LPG Dimensions: W/H/D (21.5/19.5/10.5) inches Color: Greyish brown

Showing 1 - 4 of ( 4 ) records